1 Minute Maine 6/29/2020: Packed Old Port, Reverse 4th of July Parade & Mainer ‘Deported’ from Hawaii

Bar Harbor is planning a “reverse parade” this year, where parade-goers will walk or ride through a decorated street. All staff and residents at Portland’s Long Creek Youth Development Center will be tested following a resident’s positive test last week. Remember, not all Maine towns allow fireworks for the 4th of July. Check your local town before you light them off this weekend. Meanwhile, 38-year-old Sean Michal Simon was arrested in Hawaii last week after he violated that state’s mandatory 14-day quarantine. Staff at his hotel reported him to local authorities, and he then allegedly confessed to leaving the hotel to make trips to the beach and local restaurants each day. He was arrested and put on a one-way flight back to Maine.

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