20 Minutes of Sanity: Hey Guys… Asylum Seekers Aren’t Illegal Immigrants

The people who are saying that we should “deport the illegals” and who wonder why we’re not “helping our own people first” win the moron of the week award.

Asylum seekers are not border-crossing, fence-jumping criminals. In fact, they’re the opposite. The US Government has ALLOWED them into our country to seek asylum under the law.

Crazy, right? The things you can learn when you…. I dunno…. read!

The internet is a crazy place! Just imagine how many people are wrong on Facebook… and they’re commenting on stuff they don’t know the first thing about. Every week, Ryan takes 20 minutes to fight back against the people who are wrong online. It’ his way of staying sane, and it’s more therapeutic than anything else. Hey, even if nobody listens, we’ll shoot these podcasts into space so after the apocalypse there’ll at least be some truth that survives.

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