20 Minutes of Sanity: No… You Don’t Get to Vote on That, Fire Hydrants & Maine’s State Flag

This week, Ryan rips apart a couple things… starting with a photo of a Maine State Representative’s car in front of a fire hydrant. Turns out, there are HUNDREDS of people on Facebook who’ve never made a single mistake in their lives, so let’s all pile on!

In other news, No, you don’t get to vote on every single law that gets debated in Augusta or Washington. Why, do you ask? Because we don’t live in a Democracy. Shocking, I know! But for real… nobody seems to understand this. They probably won’t listen to this podcast either, so whatever.

And finally, Maine’s state flag was in sore need of a refresh, but the “WAIT LEAVE IT ALONE” gang came out in full force with flawed arguments like “there are other more important issues” to derail the effort this year. Here’s why it was a good idea.

The internet is a crazy place! Just imagine how many people are wrong on Facebook… and they’re commenting on stuff they don’t know the first thing about. Every week, Ryan takes 20 minutes to fight back against the people who are wrong online. It’ his way of staying sane, and it’s more therapeutic than anything else. Hey, even if nobody listens, we’ll shoot these podcasts into space so after the apocalypse there’ll at least be some truth that survives.

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