Maine Vibe
Our Company

Our Company

Born in the digital age, Maine Vibe LLC is the parent company of some of Maine’s biggest mobile media brands. From broadcasting and entertainment to social and app design, we’re on the front lines of the new digital economy in Vacationland and with our partners across the US. We’re publishers, developers, content creators, political media consultants, and broadcast producers for digital and terrestrial brands from Maine to Mississippi. In 2021, our properties reach more than 10 million unique users on a month-to-month basis.

On the Air

Programmers at heart, we’re adapting our favorite audio and digital programming for a mobile audience constantly on the go.

Maine Vibe owns and operates Maine Vibe Radio, a digital streaming radio brand designed for millennial Mainers and their listening preferences, often ignored by traditional media. Maine Vibe Radio offers one-tap access to dozens of podcasts from local content creators, featured local artists and newsmakers, and 23 commercial-free music hours every day in a variety of formats on Maine Vibe Live.

Every day, Maine Vibe produces and distributes broadcast content for Top 40, Adult Contemporary and Hot Country terrestrial radio stations across the US, focusing on independently-owned properties in small to mid-size markets. From a suite of broadcast and production studios in Maine, RyanGavinOnAir works with consultants and media ownership teams to provide remote programming, digital development, and management support for radio stations looking to economize and build reliable brands. Maine Vibe also offers proprietary programming and format consulting for new CHR properties in a variety of markets.

New Media

Since 2012, the creative team at Maine Vibe has operated record-smashing brands like Maine Memes, Wicked Maine TV and other direct-to-social properties that bypass the traditional media model by crowdsourcing content from engaged audiences online. Branded social properties like Maine Memes, Maine Vibe Radio, 207 Weather and other featured content reach more than 10 million unique users per month in 2021. Now with new mobile apps and seamless integration with lifestyle technology like Car Play and wearables, Maine Vibe is everywhere.


Planning, producing and performing is what we do, whether it’s online, on the air, or in person at a live event. Maine Vibe owns and operates Maine Made Weddings and Maine Wedding DJs, two event brands featuring a lineup of some of New England’s most talented and sought-after event professionals. We specialize in wedding, corporate and private event entertainment.

Digital Branding

If you’re not just one tap away, you’re not reaching people the right way. In the new economy of the ’20s, we’re designing some of the most exciting integrated media apps and content-focused websites on the market, and we’re building forward-looking strategies for our clients to keep them relevant. Branding and new media integration is what we do. Have an idea? Let’s communicate it to the people you care about. Maine Vibe Media works with businesses, media organizations and political campaigns to provide innovative and responsive social media management services, fully-integrated web design, creative content tools, digital audience extension, e-commerce brands, database operations, and strategic communications-oriented marketing services. Contact us to see how we can jumpstart your brand.

Civic Engagement

We’re passionate about our politics, and the idea that we should leave our civic institutions in better shape than we found them. We work with organizations like accredited educational programs, media partners and foundations to develop products that engage students, build communities, and teach about our shared Americanism.