Forced Friends: Farewell 2010s, Vacation Plans & Annie’s Debt Consolidation

Another decade goes by, and we still don’t have flying cars! Annie & Ryan recap the best of 2019 and preview the ‘20s! Ryan is planning an exact carbon copy of a vacation he already went on, Annie’s stealing money out of her own piggy bank, and she tells the story of the two times she failed outta cosmetology school.

Also in this episode, Annie needs credit card help before her 40th birthday, and Ryan is done with the political bulls#*% already. It’s Forced Friends!

“Forced Friends” is the result of a forced friendship. Annie and Ryan were forced to share a cube in a corporate radio office for a few years, and two people who couldn’t be more different became pretty good friends. He’s from Maine. She’s from Tennessee. It’s wicked funny, ya’ll!

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