Forced Friends: Holiday Streaming Mania, Sex Toy Parties with Co-Workers & Dollar Store Deals

Happy Thanksgiving! This week on Forced Friends…. Annie and Ryan talk Thanksgiving food, crazy Black Friday deals, racist Disney Plus cartoons, the Mandalorian frenzy, the Crown and other holiday stuff.

Annie thinks salmonella has to do with a fish, her boyfriend’s ex wife invited her to a sex toy party, Ryan almost bought a movie theater, and working from home might be getting dangerous. And as an added holiday bonus, Annie recaps her all-time favorite dollar stores.

“Forced Friends” is the result of a forced friendship. Annie and Ryan were forced to share a cube in a corporate radio office for a few years, and two people who couldn’t be more different became pretty good friends. He’s from Maine. She’s from Tennessee. It’s wicked funny, ya’ll!

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