Forced Friends: Personality Quirks, Annie’s Moon Landing Theory & Chronic Kleptomania

On this week’s show: Annie’s pronunciation troubles continue with the word “quirk,” things that we know are wrong with us, Ryan’s super low tolerance for bullshit on social media, and Annie really thinks that we never landed on the moon.

Ryan really hates it when people move his shit, Annie likes to “acquire” things instead of buying them and admits to stealing nuts at grocery stores. Also, we finally talk about the giant elephant in the room… Annie’s daily motivational posts. It’s Forced Friends!

“Forced Friends” is the result of a forced friendship. Annie and Ryan were forced to share a cube in a corporate radio office for a few years, and two people who couldn’t be more different became pretty good friends. He’s from Maine. She’s from Tennessee. It’s wicked funny, ya’ll!

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