Maine Beacon: Maine’s Austerity-Based Response to the Great Recession Failed

Maine is beginning to re-open, but what does that actually mean, especially for the workers in the first additional industries slated to re-open? Esther, Ben and Mike discuss Gov. Mills’ plan to restart Maine on this episode of the Beacon podcast.

Also: The pandemic and accompanying recession will soon lead to a state budget crunch. Will Maine learn the lessons of the past?

Plus: A Maine court case is highlighting a massive funding disparity between the CMP corridor referendum campaigns, as well as Ben’s least-liked quirk of signature gathering law.

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The Maine Beacon Podcast is a project of the Maine People’s Alliance, produced to highlight the experiences of everyday Mainers, share information about the political and policy processes that affect Maine people, and promote a progressive worldview based on community, fairness and investing in the future.

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