Thank you for your business and for choosing to work with us. We understand that certain circumstances can arise that might require the modification or cancellation of our agreements. We will always consider reasonable requests for accommodations and contract modifications within the terms and conditions of our services.

Before you proceed, please read and understand the following:

  • We (you and Maine Vibe LLC) have both agreed to our contract in writing. Any modifications to that agreement must be approved by both you and Maine Vibe LLC.
  • For date-specific agreements that render services like entertainment at in-person events, cancelling our contract is final, and any hold or exclusivity reservation placed on that availability by an active contract will be discharged upon cancellation.
  • You may not be able to re-book services or initiate another contract agreement for service after cancellation.
  • If you request to cancel our agreement within certain timeframes set out in our contract, portions up to and including 100% of the remaining balance on your account may be recoverable by Maine Vibe LLC based on when we receive your written request for cancellation. If you plan to request a waiver of this term in our contract, please provide as much information and documentation as possible when submitting the request.
  • Examples of events or circumstances beyond control that may trigger a reasonable accommodation can include natural disasters, public health emergencies, business closures, family emergencies, etc.
  • Under the terms of our contract, retainer payments and deposits are non-refundable. Maine Vibe LLC will only issue refunds for retainer payments and deposits in extraordinary circumstances and if all parties agree to cancel the contract in its entirety.

Why are retainer payments and deposits non-refundable?

For services that require retainer payments or deposits, the up-front payment that you make to Maine Vibe LLC when we execute our contract isn’t just a deposit on a larger sum, or a promise to pay the remaining balance later. Between the time we agree to provide service and the time that service is completed, retainer and deposit payments allow us to prepare for your service or event, acquire materials, pay staff, communicate with related parties, process documents, participate in planning sessions, perform work as directed, and refuse services to other potential clients. For all of these reasons, and in consideration of the time that we spend on the booking process, retainer payments and deposits are non-refundable. Maine Vibe LLC reserves the right to offer a full refund of all payments made, including retainer payments and deposits, if none of the conditions mentioned above reasonably apply to the account in question.

Before submitting a request to change an agreement, please understand that you are requesting a modification to our agreement, and Maine Vibe LLC does not guarantee the ability to change, refund, or cancel executed agreements. We will need to agree to any proposed changes in writing. You are still required to fulfill the terms of your agreement with Maine Vibe LLC if your request for a modification is not granted. By contacting us to request a change to an agreement, you further acknowledge that you have read and understand the terms of our signed contract.

If you are ready to submit a request to change an agreement, please contact us.